June 17, 2024

ACU Members Focus on Healthy Weight

From left, Dr. Rina Ramirez, Chief Medical Officer, Zufall Health Center, Vince Keane, CEO, Unity Health Care, Anne Nolon CEO, Hudson River HealthCare and Eva Turbiner, CEO, Zufall Health Center.

Several ACU members were selected to participate in Collaborate for Healthy Weight, a national anti-obesity initiative that was recently expanded to all 50 states. The Healthy Weight collaborative is a partnership between HRSA and the National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality and supported by the Affordable Care Act’s Prevention and Public Health Fund. It is establishing innovative partnerships between public health, primary care and community organizations. Participating ACU members include Unity Health Care in DC, Hudson River HealthCare in New York and Zufall Health Center in New Jersey. Check out the resources on obesity in adults, adolescents and children for clinicians, public health workers and communities on the Collaborate for Healthy Weight website.

This column appeared in the April 2012  ACU newsletter Clinician & Community.