October 3, 2023

ACU Sponsors Congressional Briefing

ACU is sponsoring a Congressional briefing on the ongoing impact of the Budget Control Act of 2011, and the federal “sequester”.

The briefing, scheduled for July 15th from 12:00-1:30pm, will feature several speakers on various health care topics. Tim Starkey, the CEO of Great Salt Plains Health Center in Cherokee, Oklahoma, and also the current president of the Oklahoma Primary Care Association, will be speaking on behalf of ACU. Starkey will be speaking specifically to the impact of sequester on the National Health Service Corps.

Last year Great Salt Plains had two clinicians denied NHSC loan repayment due to automatic federal budget cuts. The across the board cuts, known as “sequester”, cut all mandatory programs by more than 5% last year and will continue through FY2021 under current law. Under sequester, the NHSC program was cut by $15 million in FY2014 — enough to throw Great Salt Plains off the award list. Starkey will be urging Congress to eliminate sequester and fully fund the NHSC.

For more about the Congressional briefing, visit the Coalition for Health Funding web site. A full copy of the “Faces of Austerity II” report will be available following the briefing.