June 13, 2024

Job hunting? Check out these opportunities!

Currently, there are more than 3,900 health care jobs listed in the ACU Career Center, and new positions are added daily. Employers across the country recognize that ACU and the more than 250 members of the National Healthcare Career Network are a valuable source of professional talent for their organizations. They could post their jobs on any number of other career sites and be inundated with 1,000s of resumes of unqualified candidates (what smart recruiter wants to spend their time doing that?). Instead they choose to go where the talent is, knowing that members of professional and other health care associations are well-trained, dedicated professionals. Check out the openings in the ACU Career Center. Chose the “Advanced Search” link in the search bar. This will expand the Search box to display specific criteria such as state, job type, category, etc. See more tips on using the ACU Career Center here.