June 13, 2024

Violence in America: The Wider Conversation

Violence in America: The Wider Conversation By Eugene Steuerle In the aftermath of Newtown and, by one estimate, 25 mass shootings since 2006, the country is engaged in an intense fight over assault-like weapons and the right of Americans to carry them. While I consider it downright stupid and outright dangerous to allow people to buy, sell, and carry around the equivalent of small machine guns—imagine how safe you would feel if all your loony neighbors touted one around—I wish we were … [Read more...]

Clinicians Can Affect Change on Gun Violence

Dr. Ricky Choi says that hearing and being a part of his patients’ powerful stores has moved him to speak out gun violence. In this interview he reflects on the power of storytelling and how he uses social media, particularly Twitter and blogs, to be heard. “Clinicians under recognize the amount of influence and power that they have,” said Choi, “whether it be on the individual patient level or engaging city councilman, local legislators, state and even at the national level; we have the … [Read more...]

Clinicians and Gun Violence: What to know and what to do

Clinicians and Gun Violence: What to know and what to do By Annie Savarese, MD On December 14, 2012, twenty children and their teachers were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary.  In January of this year, there were forty-three fatal shootings in Chicago.  In the United States, gun violence is responsible for over 30,000 deaths and over 70,000 injuries every year.  On average, 282 people are shot daily and 50 of them are children or teenagers. How have the medical and political communities … [Read more...]