December 3, 2021

HRSA Reorganizes Health Workforce Bureaus

Washington, D.C. (June 3, 2014)—Today, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) formally announced the creation of the Bureau of Health Workforce. This new Bureau, led by Rebecca Spitzgo, will combine programs previously run by the Bureau of Health Professions (BHPr) and the Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service (BCRS). The National Health Service Corps program will be managed within the new Office of Health Careers, with the intention of enabling the program to be better … [Read more...]

FY15 Budget to Propose Expansion of NHSC

Increase in FY15 and Extension of Funding Beyond FY16 McLean, VA – The Association of Clinicians for the Underserved (ACU) applauds the White House proposal to extend the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) program through FY2020 and expand the program to include up to 15,000 primary care providers. The program provides loan repayment and scholarships for primary care providers who work in underserved areas of the country. "The President has shown once again that he strongly supports this … [Read more...]

NHSC Story – Nurse midwife

- Autumn C. I was a NHSC scholar and had my masters level nursing (specialization in midwifery) paid for by the NHSC. It allowed me to pursue my career goals and passion for helping others. Afterwards, I "paid back" my service by working as a midwife in an urban setting that provided care to many women with limited social, economic and emotional supports, and often with language barriers. These woman were strong and heroic in their lives and it was an honor to care for them. Thank you to the … [Read more...]

NHSC Story – Kansas frontier

- Chrysanne G. The NHSC has played a critical role in maintaining providers in our frontier Kansas communities including one physician who has been with us for more than 20 years.   He serves in many roles including county medical director, nursing home director, EMS director and deputy district coroner. Where would we be without the NHSC? … [Read more...]

NHSC Story – U.S. Virgin Islands

- Debra L. W. I received the notice concerning the NHSC program and am gravely concerned. This scholarship program has proven invaluable in our ability to recruit and retain superb health care professional at our health center, the St. Thomas East End Medical Center Corporation (STEEMCC). Prior to our receiving the designation, it was all but impossible to recruit and retain medical providers on our center. Since the designation, we have recruited and retained a physician's assistant, two … [Read more...]

NHSC Story – Affording Service

- Amber S. I graduated in December 2009.  Upon graduation, my student loans were no longer in deferment.  I began panicking, because I started receiving monthly statements that were the same amount of one of my paychecks.  I was concerned with how I was going to be able to pay my rent, health insurance, utilities, food, etc., and just survive.  I was relieved after I passed the state exam and EPPP, so that I could apply for the National Health Service Corp.  My employer worked diligently to … [Read more...]

NHSC Story – Albany Area Primary Health Care, Georgia

- Shelley S., Albany, Georgia AAPHC has been utilizing Corp members since they were called Commission Officers.  I have been recruiting for 12 years for AAPHC and have been using NHSC Scholars and Loan Repayors since then.  We have a retention rate of 9 years and most of our provider staff is or has been involved with the NHSC either through Scholarship or Loan Repayment or both.   I also serve as an Ambassador for the NHSC and support its efforts and mission 100%.  If this program goes away, … [Read more...]

NHSC Story – Choosing Primary Care

- Rachel E. I knew going into medical school that I wanted to work with underserved populations, but I worried about high student debt and low salaries in primary care. I received an NHSC scholarship which allowed me to attend medical school with significantly lower debt, and I have been working in high-need community health centers since I graduated from residency in 2007. I am currently a medical director and just received NHSC Loan Repayment to help with my remaining student debt. Without … [Read more...]

NHSC Story – Serving in Rural Alaska

- Mira M., Juneau, Alaska I am grateful for the National Health Service Corp College Loan Repayment Program, as a past, recent participant in remote areas of Alaska.  My experience with the NHSC allowed me to travel to and work in the remote, arctic and the southeast rain forest of the Alaskan 'bush' as a behavioral health clinician.  Many times at 20 below zero as a hospital clinician in Nome, Alaska I was able to meet wonderful Native American Inupiat and Yupik tribal patients being flown … [Read more...]

What a Government Shutdown Means to Health Programs

By Craig A. Kennedy, MPH By now you’ve heard or read enough news to know that a government shutdown is very possible come October 1st, but what does it mean to health care delivery?  Well, as you would expect, it means different things to different programs. Let’s start with the definition of a “government shutdown.”  The federal government’s fiscal year runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, so by October 1st of each year Congress must pass and the President must sign appropriations bills to … [Read more...]