July 20, 2024

Podcast on Asthma and Health Information Technology

Anna Gard, Health IT and Quality Consultant, Association for Clinicians for the Underserved Introduces the Role of Health IT in Managing Asthma

asthma-and-hit-podcastThere is constant development of patient-centric tools to support asthma self-management and promote engagement with clinicians, patients and families to assist in identifying, reporting their asthma triggers, monitoring their asthma status, supporting self-care and management strategies.

Some of these tools and technologies really help (A) engage our patient and (B) provide us with additional data to improve our management of patients.

This podcast is part of the series “Conversations for Advancing Action” available from AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org – an online Network designed for people committed to improving asthma outcomes in their community. The podcast series is designed to share best practices for reducing the impact of asthma through delivery of comprehensive, community-based care, especially in underserved communities.  Through these podcasts, you’ll learn about strategies for managing effective program delivery systems, addressing environmental triggers, and leveraging community assets through partnerships.

Listen to the Health IT and Asthma podcast here.