July 19, 2024

Safety Net Letter to White House/Congress on Affordable Insurance

ACU, ACAP, AEHP and NACHC Call on the Administration and Congress to Stabilize the Individual Market in 2017 and Beyond

McLean, VA – Today ACU, the Association of Community Affiliated Plans, America’s Essential Hospitals and the National Association for Community Health Centers called on the Administration and Congress to work collaboratively to ensure continued federal funding for consumers’ cost-sharing reductions (CSRs) in the Marketplaces.

As organizations serving low-income and vulnerable populations, we are gravely concerned about the current uncertainty regarding the future of federal funding for CSRs. Cuts to this funding will directly impact millions of low-income Americans who rely on this funding to access affordable health insurance. With the uncertainty surrounding the future of this federal funding, issuers will be forced to raise premiums or leave the Marketplaces all together.

Insurance companies have until June 21, 2017 to price their coverage options. These prices will determine the fate of the individual market, and therefore, the health care coverage for millions of Americans. Taking away federal funding for the CSRs will cause a dramatic rise in the number of uninsured and lead to more uncompensated care for safety net providers.

“We need the Administration and Congress to work together to address this urgent issue,” said Craig A. Kennedy MPH, Executive Director of ACU. “We can’t afford to reverse the gains we’ve made in access and coverage for our most vulnerable communities. We urge our leaders to work together to keep all our people insured and healthy.”

Click here for a copy of the joint letter