May 25, 2024

Delivering Health Care for Incarcerated Persons During a Pandemic

This session was hosted on Thursday, July 16, 2020 and is the fourth session in ACU’s Policy & Practice Series. COVID-19 has put a spotlight on vulnerable populations, including those in prisons and jails. The ability of a jail or prison system to prepare, respond or mitigate varies, and depends in part on the roles or contribution of the community health networks. Various systems struggle with lack of leadership, collaboration, funding and other resources. Prisons have become the de … [Read more...]

Medicaid Covers US: Protecting Health Insurance that Helps Communities Thrive

This session was hosted on Thursday, June 18, 2020 and is the third session in ACU's Policy & Practice Series. Access to health insurance coverage, including Medicaid, is critical to the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases. Despite its importance, Medicaid is often misunderstood, stigmatized and difficult to access in the 14 states that have yet to expand their programs to cover more low-income adults. The lens through which Medicaid is viewed makes it challenging to foster … [Read more...]

COVID-19 and Social Determinants of Health

This session was hosted on Thursday, June 4, 2020 and is the second session in ACU's Policy & Practice Series. The impact of COVID-19 on one’s social, physical, and economic wellbeing is staggering. Existing disparities are exacerbated and millions are newly unemployed, facing new barriers to accessing health care, and experiencing emotional distress. Newly enacted stimulus bills aim to provide temporary support but fail to address the long-term impact of this crisis. Join us for this … [Read more...]

Your Voice, Your Power: Effective Advocacy in the Face of COVID-19

This session was hosted on Thursday, May 21, 2020 and is the first session in ACU's Policy & Practice Series. The critical need for resources and support for underserved communities and the organizations who care for them is more important than ever. As part of our ongoing Policy & Practices series, ACU hosted a Grassroots Advocacy training webinar to empower clinicians and all organization staff to use their voice to inform policymakers to affect positive change in the face of … [Read more...]

HIMSS17 Annual Conference & Exhibition

HIMSS17 Annual Conference & Exhibition February 19-23, 2017 Orange County Convention Center | Orlando, FL ACU is proud to be an official Endorser of HIMSS17. As such, our members receive the member discount to attend! To receive the discount, go to the conference website and select “Register Now”. Select ACU from the “Conference Endorsing Organizations” drop down in the registration process, and enter the code ENDACU17. The 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, February … [Read more...]