April 24, 2024

Audio Story Bank Launches

Listen to ACU members tell their personal stories – including why they chose to practice with the underserved, their success and challenges, and lessons learned. The ACU Audio Story Bank includes short (5 minutes or less) edited interviews with our members who explain what health care for the underserved means to them. Members featured in the story bank include nurse practitioners Kate Wilson  of Virginia, and Nereida Savoy, of  Florida, and physician Chris Echterling of Pennsylvania. ACU … [Read more...]

Early Membership Renewal Incentive

It is membership renewal time – most ACU memberships expire at the end of 2012. Since no one wants to receive (or send) renewal reminders over the holidays, we are offering an incentive for those who renew early. Don't worry -- since ACU membership is based on a calendar year, we won’t cut short your benefits if you renew before your membership expires. Here are 13 more reasons -- a baker's dozen -- to renew your membership now: Networking - a directory of ACU members in your community … [Read more...]

Medicaid: A Matter of Life or Death

Medicaid coverage “can make the difference between life and death,” Dr. Janelle Goetchus, Chief Medical Officer of Unity Health Care, told policymakers at a Senate briefing on Medicaid September 28. “We cannot afford any more cuts or I will need to go back to ‘begging’ for care,” she said. Dr. Goetchus represented front line clinicians at the briefing, organized by The Partnership for Medicaid, a non-partisan coalition in which ACU is an active member. The members of the Partnership are … [Read more...]

Online Professional Training on Asthma Care

Two recorded webinars on comprehensive asthma management are now available online  from ACU. One webinar is in English, and the second, intended for community health workers, is available in Spanish. The two webinars compliment ACU's other asthma online professional resources. The goal of both webinars is to improve the quality of asthma care by training health care providers to incorporate in their care plans culturally and linguistically appropriate education on environmental asthma trigger … [Read more...]