June 17, 2024

ACU Statement – Black Lives Matter

The turmoil of the past week has once again brought into focus the heart-wrenching and infuriating level of systemic racism that continues to exist in the United States. ACU’s mission, to improve the health of America’s underserved populations and to enhance the development and support of the health care clinicians serving these populations, means we are committed as an organization to fight for equity, in health, and in all other ways that impact the underserved in our nation. We do … [Read more...]

Longtime ACU Leader Recognized for Her Work Caring for Migrant Populations

Longtime ACU Leader, Kathy Brieger, RD, CDE, MA, has been recognized for her outstanding work caring for migrant farmworker populations. At the age of 17, she became an organizer for United Farmworkers (UFW) and continued to serve farmworker communities for three decades and counting. ACU is extremely proud of Kathy and her contributions to migrant farmworker communities – and those who serve them – across the country. The Migrant Clinicians Network captures the spirit of her work … [Read more...]

Caring for the Healers: Preventing Suicide Among Providers

This session was hosted on Wednesday, May 6, 2020. Physicians and other providers are particularly vulnerable to negative mental health effects and increased suicide risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, likely due to balancing the duty of caring for their patients and the concern for their own health and wellbeing and that of their friends and family. This training provides specific tactics to help support your primary care providers and team members through systematic and organizational … [Read more...]

Identifying and Caring for Patients at Risk for Suicide during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This session was hosted on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. COVID-19 is exacerbating risk factors for suicide, which is being reflected in significant increases in calls to local and national suicide hotlines. Many patients who die by suicide visited their primary care provider within the month of their death, and most were not connected to mental health treatment. As such, primary care providers and their teams are in a unique and critical position to identify and care for patients at risk for … [Read more...]

Engaging Dental Providers in COVID-19 Response Efforts (April 15, 2020)

COVID-19 has created an uncertain environment for the health care workforce. While some health care workers are working longer hours, others, including dental providers, are being asked to stay at home for their safety. Moreover, many health center leaders are concerned about paying “non-essential” staff given the operational and financial impact of COVID-19 response efforts. Please join us for this upcoming webinar to learn about innovative ways that health centers are engaging dental providers … [Read more...]

ACU COVID-19 Response Webinar (March 24, 2020)

A recording of ACU's COVID-19 Response Webinar is now available. Topics covered include ACU's policy and advocacy work, new telehealth rules and best practices, resources and direct support available from ACU, and moral injury among providers. Watch the recording on YouTubePowerPoint Slides Supplementary material: Telehealth Coding Guidance (March 23, 2020) … [Read more...]

Health Center Workforce Deployment in COVID-19 Response Efforts (April 14, 2020)

Health centers are currently balancing the wellbeing and safety of their workforce with the need to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. While “essential” staff are needed on the frontline, “non-essential” staff are either sent home to wait out the pandemic, or are deployed to perform alternative services to support COVID-19 response efforts. Join us in this webinar to learn about workforce strategies employed by health center leaders in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Health center leaders will … [Read more...]

Dr. James Hotz Talks Rural Health Care on “Our American States” Podcast

Dr. James Hotz, a member of ACU's Board of Directors, founded the Albany Area Primary Health Care community health center in southwest Georgia nearly 40 years ago. Listen to "Our American States" — a podcast produced by the National Conference of State Legislatures — to hear Dr. Hotz talk about the impact of COVID-19 on rural health centers and communities. Stream or download the podcast. … [Read more...]

Upcoming Webinars

No standalone webinars upcoming at this time—please join us at our 2020 Virtual Conference from Sept. 14-18! Learn More About the Conference Past ACU & STAR2 Center Webinars A Role for Providers in Promoting Voting and Census Participation Among the Underserved (ACU Policy & Practice Series #7) (August 27, 2020)Using the Healthy Democracy Kit to Empower Your Patients, Colleagues, and Staff (ACU Policy & Practice Series #6) (August 10, 2020)Reducing Stigma and … [Read more...]


Upcoming Conferences ACU 2020 Virtual ConferenceSeptember 14-18, 2020Registration is open now! Also, save the date for our next in-person conference: ACU 2021 Annual ConferenceJuly 31-August 4, 2021Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C. Past Conferences ACU 2019 Annual Conference ACU 2018 Annual Conference ACU 2017 Annual Conference ACU 2016 Annual Conference … [Read more...]